Dedicated to remembering the departed, Halloween’s emergence brings in the freewheeling spirit of a holiday and in countries like The United States, it marks the onset of haunted tours and spooky rituals. The Americans have a unique way of celebrating this festival and the fervour spreads across, like a wildfire in a jungle. So, raise a pint to the shadows of the night as the nation gears up for the occasion. And, if you’re travelling to The U.S. anytime soon, try and plan your trip around the festival. Because, Halloween in U.S.A shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Here’s why:

The Concept-

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Celebrated on the 31st of October, ‘All Hallows’ Eve,’ is observed across different Christian groups. Conceptually, Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows’ Day (1st November) and All Souls’ Day (2nd November).

Decorating the spookiest house

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Halloween encourages a lot of household preparation and the sheer rage of Halloweens’ emerges through eccentric decoration of houses. Fake skeletons and illuminated spider webs dangling on tombstones are pretty common.
People decorate their yards with fake graves involving skeleton figurines trying to come out of their graves and for obvious reasons, there are plenty of scary sounds and variations to go along. Enthusiasts try to bring out the spookiest effect and as such houses multiply, the entire town wears the look of a vividly colored ghost town. It is a sight to behold.


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What is normally considered insane but totally cool on Halloweens? Yes, we’re talking about the awesome costumes you get to don during this festival. It does not matter if you’ve always wanted to dress like a vampire or a werewolf or maybe you’ve always wanted to scare people and look like zombie. Well, anything is possible on Halloween and people of America spend days to prepare their costumes. Unequivocally, the arrangements are detailed and you can seldom witness such a spectacle in some other countries too.

An array of parties, parades and festivals-

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The month of October brings a barrage of parties and parades happening all across The United States. New York City’s Village Halloween Parade attracts residents from different states and the only necessity to join the parade requires you to wear a costume which is anyway a fun-filled ritual enjoyed by everyone.

Then there’s the Sleepy Hollow Halloween which is month-long affair filling the streets of New York with live music, fairs and haunted hayrides.

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Moving on, it is almost mandatory for us to mention the legendary West Hollywood Carnaval which brings around 5,00,000 people filling the Santa Monica Boulevard. It is the largest Halloween party in the entire world and the atmosphere is simply electric. Taking place in Los Angeles, the evening is usually graced with the presence of an A-list Hollywood celeb. FYI, Rihanna was crowned the Queen of this Carnaval in 2012.

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We’ve tried to cover some of the major attractions for you. We hope this gives you a good idea as to how The United States celebrates Halloween. Bearing an eerie and bizarre disguise, Halloween is indeed a festival of lights, fun, frolic and music, bringing the entire nation together.

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