A typical travel blogger would predominantly decide on a travel destination, making a note of cultural history, art, social spots,
picturesque landscapes, etc. But PictureYourTravel-PYT happens to interview JB and Renee, the ‘traveleaters’ from “Willflyforfood”, who’re out to explore the world using food as their yardstick.

After spending a significant portion of their lives in USA and surviving their respective mechanical jobs, this Philippines-based couple decided to embark on a gastronomical journey wherein they establish the perfect chemistry between food and travel. It was an absolute pleasure to hear what these two had to say-

-JB and Renee! Tell us about your blogging journey so far?
It’s been a trip! There’s nothing more thrilling than going to a new place and trying unfamiliar food.

– You beautifully blend two very popular interests ‘Food & Travel’.
What inspired you to do that?

Easy, we both love to travel and eat! As much as we enjoy visiting tourist attractions, nothing excites us more about a new destination than the prospect of trying new food. Take us to a market, and we’re like kids in a candy store.

– Amongst all the gastronomic regions you have been to so far.

Name a few, you would want to visit again and again. We love Japanese food so definitely Japan for me. I visited 8 prefectures in Japan this year alone. I was given a 5-year multiple entry visa so we plan on visiting Japan at least once a year for as long as my visa is
valid. For Ren, it’s Turkey. She loves lamb and Mediterranean food so traveling through Turkey was like heaven for her.

– Having travelled so many countries as ‘foodies’. Tell us, how the

chefs/street hawkers/cooks there manage to prepare a dish which is universally appealing yet has a very authentic flavour in it. I’m not sure every street food stall makes universally appealing food. Authentic yes, universally appealing perhaps not as much. But that’s
exactly how we like it! The reason we gravitate towards street food stalls

and local restaurants when we travel is because we want honest, authentic food. We don’t want anything touristy or watered down. We want the real thing, the kind of food that tells us something about the local culture and its people. The most important thing when trying
unfamiliar and often exotic food is to have an open mind.

– According to you, ‘Top 5 food streets one must definitely visit’.
In our experience, these 5 come to mind:

Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka, Japan

Vinh Khanh Street, District 4, Saigon, Vietnam

Any Night Market in Taiwan

Lad Mayom Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

– Any unforgettable food memory you would like to share with us.
As much as we love street food, we enjoy the occasional fine dining experience as well. We recently had the 25-course degustation menu at Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand. It was pricey but it isn’t every day you get to eat at the 7th best restaurant in the world and the best in Asia so we had to do it. It was the most incredible meal either one of us have ever had.

– You guys have extensively travelled and satiated your taste buds. Tell us one common quality amongst all foods, you have had in different countries.
Food is meant to provide ‘comfort’. The most popular and beloved dishes, no matter where you go, are always the most comforting.

– One best and worst thing about being a travel food blogger.
BEST: Getting to try new food.
WORST: Trying to cram as many street food stalls, markets, and restaurants into one trip. We only have so much stomach space!

– Being featured & awarded by top travel blogs, where do you guys see yourself from 5 years from now?
At our farm growing our own food. We have a residential farm lot waiting for us to build our humble retirement home. I’ve bought a bunch of books on aquaponics, cultivating mushrooms, urban farming, etc. We plan on traveling as much as we can until I’m 50 before moving on to the next phase of our lives.

– Any tip for upcoming travel food bloggers who aspire to be like ‘you’?
Just be you. Be authentic, stay curious, and never do things for the money. Do it because you love it, otherwise you won’t last. The rewards will come in time.

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