Picture Your Travel- A perfect hack for decoding the crisis faced by Travel Industry?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the travel industry is growing rapidly. One look at the statistics or a short Google search will inform how the industry has grown by $2.3 trillion in the last decade. That is a huge jump and experts believe that it will grow by another $3.5 trillion by the year of 2027.

Considering these figures, it is obvious that a lot of travel-based start-ups & companies will try to carve a niche for themselves. And with the prevailing bigwigs, this means that an average user will have access to the myriad of mobile as well as browser-based applications. In addition, we already have the search giant (Google.Inc) at our disposal and in terms of information on traveling, it is expanding by every second. Now, this might sound like a plus point but in reality, it is similar to finding the needle from a haystack.


  • As a user, you’ll have access to heaps of information.
  • Your Google searches will retain millions of results.
  • You’ll scroll through numerous websites.
  • Do you know that an average user visits 30 odd travel- websites before finalizing a travel plan?
  • The number of ‘bookmarks’ will increase.
  • You will also come across numerous pictures uploaded by travelers across the globe.

Now we’re not saying that this will not increase your knowledge but in the interest of every user, we must point out that finding relevant and reliable information is going to be a herculean task. And, the struggle does not just end there because even though you have control over sourcing the info, you can seldom decide over its’ reliability.

This supposed mountain of information owes contributions from people you’ve never met or spoken to. They are complete strangers and whether you’re a cynic or not, it’s obviously difficult to plan your travel journeys around it. This simple fact does alter the overall credibility of the information consumed by an average user.

Trust and Reliability. At present, these are the major threats faced by the travel industry. And with PYT, we’ve developed just the right cannon to wipe out unreliability by placing trustworthy information which is just a tap away. Thus, helping travelers to finalize their travel plans without feeling the need to visit tens of websites and applications.

In the next blog post, we will talk about how Picture Your Travel solves the purpose (crisis) and offers more and that too, in an effortless manner. So, look out for this space and don’t forget to click on the link to our next post.

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