The debate around identifying a backpacker and a glampacker is intensifying with every passing day.

We all know how backpackers have contributed towards changing the landscape of traveling.
Coming from different cultures, background, and financial status; backpackers are touted as travelers who don’t have a strong inclination towards ‘planning’ their trip.

They are out there to venture and explore uncharted territories. Whereas, Glampackers have a slightly different ideology when it comes to traveling.

Come, let’s go through some basics-

Define them, shall we?

In simple terms, Backpacking is essentially about budget traveling. The will to travel is fierce but the wallets are relatively lighter.
Backpackers don’t necessarily plan their trips and are happy to settle for decent accommodation options like youth hostels.
They gladly couch surf and are always eager to get out of their comfort zone.

But Glampackers, as the name suggests, don’t believe in packing light. The money is good and the traveling is glamorous.
You won’t find a glampacker going through Couchsurfing or hostels. Instead, they book boutique hotels well in advance in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.
Thus, planning is essential to glampackers and they seldom have budgetary constraints.


They say ‘’appearance can be deceptive.” But not when it comes to differentiating between a backpacker and a glampacker.
Glampackers pack heavy as they have a dress for every occasion. They do not shy away from showing off their recent purchases and a true glampacker will seldom ignore their clothing and accessories.
They splurge on luxury hotels and are usually dressed all chic.

Whereas, backpackers are dressed in everything comfortable. From sporting pants to jeans, their primary focus is on exploring the place on a limited budget. They usually carry a bag and their idea of clothing is to wear something clean and comfortable.

Their Objectives

With Backpackers, the primary objective is a healthy mix of budget and experience. They are eager to meet new people, especially the locals. They seek profound experiences to enrich their perspective and they’re hardly bothered about the trivialities. The objective is to explore more and not give a thought about comfort or luxury.
For instance, a backpacker making through Europe won’t be bothered about staying in a boutique hotel. Instead, they will look for home-stays to interact with residents.

On the other hand, Glampackers don’t mind stretching their wallets if it ensures a luxurious stay. They’re the kind of travelers who’re usually looking for recreation and relaxation.

You will never meet a glampacker in a home stay or youth hostel. That being said, they might be liberal with their budget but like any sensible person, they don’t spend without getting its apt value.
For instance, they love exploring online booking portals to get the most value-for-money traveling package.

Both backpackers and glampackers come from different backgrounds and belong to various age groups. However, the desire to go out of their respective comfort zones is one of the most striking differences amidst them. Now that we’ve listed the basics, we hope you’ll be able to identify and probably allot a category to yourself as well.

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